How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

giftAs a guest, you can choose to go for gifts or money as a present to the bride and groom. However, how much you spend depends on a number of aspects such as the relationship with the couple, your financial situation, and how much you are going to spend on other costs for the wedding.

You are likely to spend more on people you love and in particular, parents, siblings, best friends and grandchildren than other. Similarly, you spend less on friends of the family, second cousins and neighbours who you do not relate closely with.

Plan to Spend At Least $25

Whether you are close to the couple or not, it is advisable to give a gift that is not less than £25 as such a gift may be considered cheap and not very thoughtful. Consequently, you can plan to spend an average of $50 with a higher mark-up of $150 for close family and friends.

This does not mean that you cannot go above $150. It is also ideal to get the couple a gift from a registered store to avoid duplication.

Buying a Group Gift

It really helps that when buying a gift which is likely to be truly appreciated by the couple, to group with friends and buy one significant present. This is particularly important if the items remaining in the gift registry are well over your budget. Furthermore, buying a group gift lets you get away with contributing small monies.

What is Misguided on Spending

From history, there are those who offer a gift based on how much the couple will spend on food and entertainment. However, individuals are now moving from that to focus more on the relationship with the couple. This means that you should definitely not base your gift on how big or small the wedding is.

How Much Money to Give

If you are one of those guests who prefer to give a cash gift or cash seems to be the most appropriate present, then you need to know how much is just enough. In this situation, you can give anything between $70 and $100 for those you have a distant relationship with and raise the amount to a high of about $150 for those close to you.

The best way to go about this gift is to issue it early instead of carrying it with you. If the couple has specific wishes on how to handle cash, then you can follow their suggestion on this.

What Happens to a Wedding Where You Travel?

There are weddings where you have to travel and even spend on accommodation in order to attend the occasion. In such situations, you can just give a modest gift or plan this for a later date if the other costs weigh you down.

What About When You Do Not Make it to the Wedding?

This is a bit tricky although there are those who give a gift even when they do not attend the wedding. Still, it is best that you send a gift if you are close to the couple. However, if you are not close with them, even a sweet congratulatory message will do. You can as well send an inexpensive gift if you choose to.


The Bottom Line

Being a guest at a wedding can be a costly affair where you may be forced to spend on a wedding gift, tips, travel expenses and accommodation. Do not forget the attire, and the fact that you do not want to appear cheap. Still, you cannot spend more than you have even when it comes to close relatives and friends.

So what do you do? In the end, a heartfelt gift with a warm personal note to the couple will not fail you.