Fuel Economy

fuelThe prices of fueling cars and motorcycles have continuously headed sharply upwards. A price that couldn’t be predicted five years ago have inevitably caught up with us and for sure these prices are here to stay. Drivers are therefore seeking ways to get the maximum mileage out of each tank of gas. Here are 5 ways you can save money by utilizing your gas efficiently:

Driving smoothly

Avoid driving at high speed. Consumption of fuel increases with the speed of over 90km/hr and when it exceeds 110km/hr, the car consumes even 25% more. Possibly, you can also avoid traveling during peak hours to keep off unnecessary acceleration and frequent breaking that leads to wastage of gas.

In places of traffic stoppage, take your foot off the accelerator to allow the engine to drop in power, slows the vehicle by mainly changing to a lower gear, drive steadily and try to avoid unnecessary idling.

Look after your car

Change your filters and tune up your engine regularly. Use the right kind of oil to keep your car burning fuel as efficiently as possible to save money and extend its lifespan. Car tires should stay completely inflated, and the car serviced at the interval indicated in the manufacturer’s handbook.

Lose some weight.

The more weight you carry on your car, the more fuel you consume. Having luggage, tools and equipment you don’t intend to use on your trip waste much money on fuel.

Drive in the right gear


Don’t apply brakes or drive at the same speed at the last minute; going back to cruising speed while the car is still moving save gas than stopping and re-starting again. You should change gear as soon as the car is comfortable with a higher gear but avoid accelerating harder than it’s required. Remember that when you leave the gear laboring in top gear on hills and corners or use power option that drops the car to a lower gear, this leads to consumption of more fuel.

Aerodynamic drag

Exterior additional parts on your car, such as roof spoilers and racks or driving with windows open or using air conditioners increases air resistance and fuel consumption. However, to minimize wind resistance, use a streamlined roof box and at a speed of over 80km/hr it’s better to use air conditioner than have your windows open to keep off aerodynamic drag.

The take away

Unless you have been living on the moon for the last five years or so, you should be certain that the days of plentiful, cheap gas are long gone. But with the above tips and tricks you are surely going to save money that you unnecessarily wasted on fuel.